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Each instrument uses the finest Master grade tonewoods available, with every aspect meticulously bound in wood, framed in fine purfling lines and expertly mitered. Only the stiffest, lightest tops are used with each being individually assessed, thicknessed, braced, carved and voiced for piano like responsiveness, a long sustain that is deep and clear in tone, that plays evenly over the entire fingerboard. 

Please refer to my options page for extended details on tonewoods, material choice, building appointments and all their many options. Below is a small list of materials that can be expected to be found as standard on any of my instruments.

Standard Guitar features ~
~ Tops : Master grade Spruce, redwood or cedar. Individually voiced.
~ Rosette : One of a kind Mosaic ring in wood and shell. Enquire for custom designs.

~ Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood, Honduran Mahogany, Wenge, Maple.  Exotic incur upcharge.
~ Bindings: Ebony, Cocobolo, Rosewood, Curly Maple, or Curly Koa throughout.
~ Purflings : BWB mitered with binding throughout.
~ Bridge : Rosewood, African blackwood or Ebony.

~ Neck: Honduran mahogany.
~ Truss rod is double action with 2 carbon fiber reinforcements. 
~ 12 or 14 frets to body.
~ Nut width: 1 3/4" or custom.
~ Width at 12th fret and bridge spacing 2 1/4" or custom.
~ Fingerboard : Rosewood, African Blackwood or Ebony.
~ Fingerboard radius: Choice of 16" or 20".
~ SemiHemiSpherical fret ends. Evo gold or Nickel.
~ Tuners: Waverly, or Gotoh 510's. 18:1 ratio.

~ Nut : Polished Bone, Black horn, Mother of Pearl or Fossilized Mastodon ivory.
~ Saddle : 1/8" or wide (6mm) in  Tusq, polished bone or Black horn (Why Tusq is my standard material is demonstrated in this video)
~ End graft: Rectangle of binding material with purfling, all mitered.
~ Back strip: None, segmented or full length rectangle of matching binding material with purfling, all mitered.
~ Finest Instrument grade nitrocellulose lacquer in Gloss or Satin.  Also, see finish.
​~ Deluxe Hardshell case.
​~ Hand written letter of materials.
~ Tenor Guitar ~
~ Short Scale Classical Guitar 620mm ~
~ Fretless Guitar ~