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Classical Short Scale 620mm
This guitar is a combination of traditional and modern design featuring a bound fingerboard, fully compensated saddle, dual action truss rod and custom mosaic rosette, end graft and back decoration. Everything is customizable. (I also offer a full sized classical guitar)

This guitar is designed to be a professional instrument fit for any concert or recital. 

A usual guitar will have the following features but everything can be customized:

~ Top : Master spruce or Cedar.
~ Back/Sides : Any typical tonewood found on a classical guitar (Brazilian Rosewood pictured below)
~ Fingerboard (bound): Ebony or African rosewood.
~ Bridge : Ebony, African blackwood or Brazilian rosewood.
~ Neck - Spanish cedar neck or Honduran Mahogany with  dual action truss rod.
~ Binding- Ebony, rosewood.
~ Headstock : Slotted or Solid headstock (bound).
~ Bracing- Traditional 7 Spanish fan bracing (Other bracing can be discussed including lattice bracing)
~ High tension strings work best with a short scale- the feel is approximately that of a usual scale classical guitar.
~ 620mm scale (24.4")
~ 12 frets to body.

Finish options are
~ Thin Nitrocellulose (Entire guitar)
~ French polish top (With Nitro on body and neck)

The Classical short Scale guitar is available with all my usual custom options, all of which can be seen here

~ Short Scale Classical Guitar Body Dimensions ~

~ Body length: 18"
~ Upper bout width : 10"
~ Waist : 8 1/2"
~ Lower bout width: 13 1/2"
~ Depth at neck: 3 1/4"
~ Depth at end: 3 3/4"
~ Total length: 37"​

The following neck & fingerboard dimensions are standard but all are customizable at no charge.

Standard Classical guitar neck and fingerboard spacings based on Torres, Hernandez, Hauser, Fleta, Bouchet, Friederich, Romanillos.

                ~ Nut Width : 52mm
                ~ Fingerboard at 12th fret :  62mm
                ~ String spacing at saddle : 59mm

Thin Neck & String spacing
                ~Nut width: 48mm (1 7/8")
                ~ String spacing at saddle : 55mm (2 5/32")
                ~ 1/8" saddle each string compensated.

All Custom- No charge.
                ~Nut Width : Custom
                  ~ Fingerboard at 12th fret : Custom
                  ~ String spacing at saddle : Custom