Lutherie Resources

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Beau tap tuning
7 miter points on a 3 piece bloodwood Parlor guitar with  stained glass heel cap.
Polished Mother of Pearl nut
Engraved blossom inlay in MOP.
Song bird inlay in MOP
Bound fingerboard transition to guitar body
Label Grand junction
Label that is fitted to the headblock. New ones will Read "Colorado".
Taj Mahal inspired headstock transition into neck
Lotus blossom heel cap inlay in MOP
Mitered zipper and butt strip on a Madagascar rosewood dreadnought
Japanese Blossom in bloodwood with Paua center
Clean mitered maple butt strip
Mitered 0.40" (1mm) bwb zipper strip on a Concert sized uke.
Beautiful figure in the sap wood of some special Tasmanian Blackwood
Hand engraved Vine inlay in MOP
Brazilian rosewood with a figured she oak insert sounded with figured mother of pearl and mitered throughout
Highly figured Tasmanian blackwood
Cocobolo bindings and end graft showcasing the Tasmanian blackwood sides
Cocobolo headstock with off center 'H' and snakewood bindings
Snamewood buttons on gold Waverly tuners with and Mother of pearl 'H' in ebony and curly maple bindings
Segmented rosette using 8 different woods and purfling lines
Selmer uke detail with segmented back strip
Whip tail end graft in Oregon myrtle , ebony and walnut burl without finish
Whip tail end graft in Oregon myrtle , ebony and walnut burl with finish
Koi in Paua shell
Little Plinth and curl
Mosaic Arm bevel on 000
Tasmanian blackwood 000 in the sun
Hand engraved heel cap for 000, inspired by Colorado's weather patterns
Birds eye maple tenor with staggered beefwood back graft in renaissance style
Bridge bracing for tenor uke
Tenor in Oregon myrtle heart wood
Redwood top with cocobolo bindings and Tasmanian blackwood sides
Rope purfling with Sitka top
Tenor uke heel and purfling lines. Tasmanian blackwood back and sides
Figured Queensland maple neck with Tasmanian blackwood back veneer and black/white lines
Nouveau rosette
3 rosettes
Segmented ebony and snakewood back graft with rosette
Segmented guitar rosette with paua shell accents
Segmented rosette for tenor uke
Segmented rosette for guitar
12th fret Initials for James Yorkston
Waist coat headstock inlay
Arm bevel in walnut burl
Tenor Guitar Bracing
Mosaic rosette
Selmer rosette
Mosaic rosette segmented
Fret dots
Work bench
Beau and screw driver!
Monarch Butterfly uke
Shellac flakes disolving
Studio pics
Eng graft Orgeon myrtle
Ten guitar end graft
Fret inlays
Flower inlay
Monarch butterfly inlay
Monarch butterfly and flower headstock
Side sound port
Photo details of mitering, bindings, rosettes, segmented back zipper strips inlays, custom options and other interesting bits ~