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TUSQ, Bone, Saddles, & Nuts~

Tusq saddles ring like glass and seems to promote a fuller spectrum of tones. Similar to a master quality Top or a set of Brazilian rosewood, a saddle needs to ring, not "thud". This video demonstrates why I use TUSQ saddles as standard on all my instruments unless asked. It is also of consistent density, making it especially perfect for undersaddle pickups.

Bone is an excellent choice if a warmer sound is wanted, especially on a new sitka spruce top instrument  which can certainly have that new 'bright' sound. Bone, Mother of Pearl and Black horn are all about the same in tone and all polish up beautifully.

Nut material is far less detrimental to tone then saddles are so I use polished Bone, Mother of Pearl or Black Horn according to the customers preference. I pair Black Horn nuts with Black Tusq saddles for a consistent look.

On custom builds, I can include a saddle of each material for you to decide which is best for you and your instrument.   

'Semi-Hemi-Spherical' Fret Ends ~

Every custom instrument receives  semihemispherical fret ends by me. While being the most labour intensive fret ends to achieve, they feel the most comfortable while playing and also have the most refined look. 

~ Below left is a semihemispherical fret end on the right is the industry standard simple 35 degree grind. 

Head block Label with 'H' Wax Seal ~

Each headblock receives a unique wax seal in a stylised French font of the letter 'H' and my name narcissistically handwritten with dip pen and ink. Each label is different and can be seen through the soundhole. 
~ Aaron Crowell from Hawaii Music Supply
 reviewing a 2015 Grand Tenor Selmer uke  ~

Aaron Crowell from Hawaii Music Supply reviews and plays some beautiful melodies on a custom Selmer uke. Click on the image to hear Aarons playing and read a review from the finest ukulele site in the world:  The Ukulele Review.
James Yorkston ~
James Yorkston playing an L-00 Hannam in Tasmanian Blackwood with Sitka spruce top, and figured Queensland maple neck.
~ Corey Fujimoto of Hawaii Music Supply 
playing beautifully on a custom Tenor ~

Tasmanian Blackwood, Redwood top and African blackwood fingerboard.
Click to hear Corey's playing & read the full review from The Ukulele Review.

By John Thomas
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A 35 page extended interview with Guitar Bench & Ukulele Rhythms.
By Terence Tan 
www.guitarbench.com & www.ukulelerhythms.com
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~ My table at the Memphis Acoustic Guitar Show 2015 ~
~ Sam Lemann 
playing a Concert Ukulele & review at Hawaiian Music Supply ~

"I would confidently proclaim the tone on this ukulele to be among the best we have played in the concert size."​ HMS.
UK Ukee ~
A short  interview focusing on the building process 
and what it means to be a luthier.

While in Hawaii, I did an Podcast interview with Andrew Kitakis from 
The Ukulele Review and Hawaii Music Supply. 
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The Fretboard Journal, Jan 2017 Interview.
By Brian K. Saunders
~ A short video showing what you receive with each 
Beau Hannam Instrument ~
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Luthiers for a Cause Video Podcast.
This project raised $100,000 for children's charity in December 2017 !!!

Video by The Ukulele Site
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~ Life of a Luthier ~
Creator Series Video
Video produced by Quinn Maxwell & Devon Balet, Jan 2018 
Beau Hannam Guitars

Spoke + Blossom magazine interview. 
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By Devon Balet, Jan 2018
Welcome to my YouTube channel where I frequently post professional luthiery tips & sound samples of completed instruments.