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Fretless Guitar
In 2019 I finally completed an instrument that I had wanted to make for almost 2 decades. A fretless instrument.

Inspired by Oud players from Arabic and Turkish music, the microtonal music found in Indian music (Sarod and Sitar), the round tones of lute music, violin and cello legato, and the fretless banjo from the appalachian mountains, the fretless instrument is unique in the Western world. 

The fretless guitar can be played acoustically however the string resonance and sustain is reduced due to the string contacting wood and not a metal fret. Therefore it is best to play through an amp with compression added to create a truly incredible tone. Adding reverb and a small amount of chorus gives even more beautiful depth.

The fretless guitar requires greater fingering precision and dedication to play well . However, when you gain an understanding of it, it is capable of perhaps the most alluring of all music.

~ Standard Features:
   Highly polished African blackwood or Ebony fingerboard.
   Position markers where the frets are usually located.- Various options for this- Eg visible markers (pictured below) or side only.
​   6 strings.
   Undersaddle pickup​ included.

~ Available upgrades
   Additional single strings.
   Double course strings.
   Sterling Silver fretboard.
   Sterling silver fretboard with Etched Pattern.
~ The pictures below are of a ukulele, however the appearance is the same for a fretless Classical guitar. ~