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OO, LOO, Nick Lucas Special ~ 
The OO, LOO and the Nick Lucas Special  (all the same body shape) bridge the  gap between the small bodied Parlour guitars and the larger OOO/OM and dreadnaught guitars. Being a mid sized instrument, the LOO performs as a marvellous fingerstyle  guitar able to achieve both a delicate and responsive tone  as well as a raw strumming drive when needed with room to move across the entire fingerboard with the neck joining the body at the 14th fret or with 12 frets to body for the OO, or  12, 13, or 14 frets to the body to suit the Nick Lucas model. 
The LOO is as versatile a guitar as the OOO but with a smaller body.

All features of every element  can be custom tailored to suit the players needs. All are listed in Options

OO & LOO Dimensions~
Body length: 19.50"                           The following elements are standard but all are ​
Upper bout : 10.25"                                            customisable at no charge.
Waist: 8.5" 
Lower bout: 14.75"                                 ~ Scale Length:  25.50" or custom
                                                                ~ Fret to the body: 12. 14, or custom 13.
                                                                 Nut width: 1.75", or custom.
Upper bout depth: 3.75"                          ​~ Fingerboard at 12th Fret - 2.25", or custom.               Lower bout depth: 4.50"                          ~ String spacing at bridge: 2.25", or custom.

'Nick Lucas Special' Dimensions ~ 
Same body shape and other specs (& custom options) as the LOO but with a deeper body
Upper bout depth: 4.25"
Lower bout depth: 4.75" 
Here is James Yorkston playing one of my LOO's in Tasmanian blackwood and Sitka spruce top.