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Soprano Ukulele ~
In 2019​, I completely redesigned the soprano from the ground up: New body shape, scale length, headstock, fingerboard, fret type and all with a new aesthetic. 

All this brings the soprano ukulele into the professional realm alongside my other ukuleles and guitars as  high end concert instruments with unsurpassed tone, incredible projection, and perfect playability. 

~ Standard features are:
   13.75" scale (or 14" scale)
   14 frets to body.
   21 frets in total.
   Headstock shape -  Your choice of Stauffer (pictured) or my usual headstock shape.
   Fingerboard end -  Your choice of Stauffer style (pictured) or my usual shape.
   Tuners - Gotoh UPTL or Peghed geared. Other options can be found here.
   Bound fingerboard with 0.053" evo gold fret wire.
   French polish finish. (See below for other finishes)

~ Other Options at no extra charge.
    12 frets to body
    14" Scale.
    15",  aka "Long Neck Soprano" or "Super Soprano" (Soprano body with Concert neck/scale)
    17, or 19 frets in total. (or however many you want)
    Any prefered traditional elements like headstock, heel, & fingerboard shapes etc. 

~ Up charges
    Brass or Bronze plate (which can be engraved) with Gotoh Stealth tuners.
    Additional strings, or double course strings. (Extra cost according to how many strings) 
    Nitro gloss or satin finish.

While all ukulele sizes take exactly the same time and effort to make, I am offering a  full custom Soprano for $2500. 
The Stauffer Soprano shown here I offer for less than the full custom price as it is elegantly stripped down, with a simple rosette and finish. Please inquire for price.

See the Options page for material and style choices.
~ "Stauffer  Soprano" ~

Soprano Dimensions

Total length-    23.25" (59cm)
Body-                 9 7/8" (25cm)
Upper Bout-     5.25" (13.5cm)
Waist-                4 3/8" (11cm)
Lower Bout-      7" (17.75cm)

14 fret to body Sopranos ship in Concert size case.
12 fret to body Sopranos ship in Soprano case.