Lutherie Resources

Inlays ~
Nothing can make a more powerful visual statement then a vibrant, full headstock  inlay.

Here I feature inlays I have done on any part of the instrument, both large and small. 

Usual locations for inlays  are Headstocks,  Fingerboards, End grafts, and Heel caps. 
Further examples of engraving and delicate inlay work can be found on other pages in the options section. 
~ Custom Buckeye Burl
 Fretboard markers ~
~ Gold MOP Moon ~
~ Engraved white MOP blossoms,
~ Walnut burl branches, 
~ Midnight blue background 
~ Black and white MOP parallelograms ~ 
~ End Graft in Spalted maple and Buckeye Burl ~
~ Engraved Rose with fading frets ~ 
~ Gilet Guitar vest in White MOP and Paua with engraving ~ 
~ Examples of Engraving ~
~ Elephant drinking at water hole ~
Natural Buckeye Burl. This is a once in a lifetime find. I accented the image with minimal engraved accents, coloured lines and used three different types of burl and figure to create this scene. 
To design and outline your custom inlay, click on and please print out the headstock outline template on my Ordering  page . This is a 1:1 scale outline of my (Uke) headstock. If you need my guitar headstock, let me know.
~ African Grey Parrot inlay commisioned from by Jimmi Wingert ~
~ Engraved MOP 'H' in stained figured Koa, 
framed in BWB and inlayed into Maple ~