Ordering Ukuleles ~
I offer only one level of craftsmanship on all of my instruments- uncompromising  perfection of every element.

All of my instruments possess master grade woods throughout, with every aspect  meticulously bound in wood, framed in finely mitered purfling lines.  With every hand built instrument only the stiffest, lightest tops are used with each being individually assessed, thicknessed, braced, carved and voiced for piano like responsiveness, a long sustain that is deep and clear in tone, and plays evenly over the entire fingerboard.

My base price includes bindings & purflings on the side and top of all of the following:
Body, neck, fingerboard, headstock, rosette, soundhole, side soundport & end graft.  
Upgrades such as Cutaway or arm bevels are also bound with purfling.

Choice of: nut and saddle material, premium tuners, high gloss nitrocellulose finish and hard shell case.

Below is my  downloadable order form which has drop boxes for you to add your choices.

Custom Ukulele Order Form: 
To be used  in conjunction with the Options section as well as discussing specific details one on one.

                    2019 Ukulele Base Price : $4000 US

                    Tenor, Baritone & Concert  - $4000 US
                    Grand Tenor Selmer -  $4000 US
                    Harp Ukulele - $5500  US (with custom case made by me)
                    Tenor Guitar - $5000 US 
                    Current wait time before I can start is around 18 months.

Prices of wood sets or options like tuners, pickups may unexpectedly go up according to market prices. 
I raise my base price January 1st of every year.

~ A short video showing what you receive with each 
Beau Hannam Instrument ~