Tuning Machines ~
I adorn all of my instruments with only high quality tuners of which there are many choices to suit the aesthetics of the player and the instrument.

~ Standard tuner options for all Beau Hannam guitars and ukuleles are your choice of any of the tuners listed here except Rodgers tuners.
~ All tuners are available in either Nickel and Gold. Gotoh and Schertler are available in all black.
~ Waverly's button material options are Ebony, Curly koa, Snakewood, faux ivory, black Mother of pearl, or metal to match.
~ Below are a selection of brands and styles which I find excellent. 
~ Inquire into any brands not listed.

Gotoh, Japan ~
Schertler tuners siold peg head
Schertler tuners Slotted
SCHERTLER, Switzerland ~
Schertler Black tuners siold peg head
Gotoh 510 Series has become the standard closed geared tuner option for custom guitar builders and with good reason. They are an excellent tuner with a sleek, no sharp edges design. The 510's are available  in Chrome, Gold and 'Cosmo black', with a range of after market wooden buttons in Cocobolo, ebony, and (all pictured below) Snakewood, Bloodwood, and Black horn. 
Waverly, USA ~
Waverly are the American standard for opened back tuners. Well engineered with a large variety of button material options to choose from to match bindings and other aesthetics.
~  An excellent choice, and my standard tuner for both guitars and ukuleles.
Schertler are a very well made Swiss tuner with a modern sleek look. 
The oval base plate is an appealing change from the traditional open backed Waverly plate.

These can be used on both guitars and ukuleles with solid or slotted pegheads (including Selmer ukes).
Pegheds, USA ~
Pegheds are smooth turning 4:1 geared tuners made to look like traditional friction pegs. Being small, black and inconspicuous, Pegheds are an excellent choice for ukuleles with beautiful wood burl headstocks, intricate colourful inlays or if you just like this classic refined look.
Rubner, Germany ~
The 15:1 Rubner 2 on a plate are my standard tuners for my Selmer Maccaferri ukulele with slotted headstock. With many styles of button materials and shapes, metal finishes with or without engraving, these tuners can be custom designed to suit any build are a delight and a fine addition to any ukulele with a slotted headstock.

~ See here for available 2 on a plate Rubners.
~ Custom button material and shapes are available on request.
~ Note: Any single slotted tuner (such as the Waverly) can be fitted to the Selmer ukulele.

This headstock is adorned with rosewood buttons and engraved gloss brass plate.
Gotoh 4:1 geared UPTL  ~
Similar in build quality to the Waverly's, these Ukulele Gotoh tuners have a 4:1 gear and many more custom options.
~ Finish options are Chrome, Gold or Black.
~ Button shape options are Oval, Tulip or 'Contour' which is similar in shape to the Gotoh 510's above.
~ Button colours are White and Black (plastic material only) More information on these tuners  here
Rodgers Tuners, Canada ~
Rodgers tuners represent the pinnacle of beautiful geared tuners.  one can have the pleasure of owning. Each tuner is hand made and engraved to your specifications, with many engraving designs, button materials, shapes and styles.
See the Rodgers website for a full range of options and prices for ukuleles, steel string and classical guitars.
~ Rodgers tuner with black mother of pearl button ~