Lutherie Resources

Necks ~
A strong, stiff neck that is weighted to counter balance the instrument body is an integral part of the instrument.
My custom instruments all have one piece necks with a sculpted heel.

~ Guitar necks receive double action truss rods and carbon fiber rods..
~ Ukulele necks receive Carbon Fiber strengthening rod.

My standard neck wood choices for guitar and ukulele are your choice of:
~ Genuine Honduran Mahogany.
~ Spanish Cedar.
~ Narra (New Guinea Rosewood).

Other up charge options are​:
~ Figured Mahogany
~ Plum Pudding Guatemalan Mahogany
~ Bees Wing Narra 
~ Fiddle back maple.

~ Bees Wing Narra ~
Stiffest & most stable of neck woods with large pores. 
Warm in colour with a shimmering appearance and beeswing figure in select necks.
~ Honduran Mahogany ~
Used for centuries for stiffness and stability in luthiery and all woodworking. My first neck wood choice for any instrument. 

~ Spanish Cedar ~ 
Fine grained, and lighter in weight and colour then Mahogany or Narra while possessing good stiffness. 
Spanish Cedar makes a good choice for ukulele necks and guitars with shorter scales.
~ Narra ~
 Grain Closeup
~ Figured Maple ~ 
Fine grained, stiff and heavier then other neck woods.
Figured maple makes a beautiful neck that looks amazing.
Great for both guitars and Ukuleles.