Fingerboards ~
​Rosewoods ~
 - Dark Amazon rosewood.
 -  Dark Madagascan 
 -  African Blackwood is standard for ukes but is an upgrade option for guitars at $100. 
 -  Brazilian Rosewood are an upgrade option: $250 for guitars, $100 for ukuleles.

~ Brazilian Rosewood ~
The most coveted 'Holy Grail' wood in luthiery for its superior tone, long sustain and pure beauty. Ranging from deep red to dark chocolate brown in colour.
~ Cocobolo fingerboard with custom floating frets! ~
Ebonies & other ~ 
~ Black ebony (either African or Indian, which ever is blackest)
~ Macassar
~ Ziricote 
~ Macassar Ebony ~
A stripy ebony possessing the best stability and character. The most interesting of ebonies for an instrument. 
~ Ziricote ~
Select pieces exhibit Brazilian like spider web figure making Ziricote a beautiful choice if grey, green & browns are prefered to reds & blacks
~ African Blackwood ~
Equal in tone to Brazilian rosewood, ABW is a true rosewood & the best choice for fingerboards if a rich black with dark brown look is wanted. 
~ Amazon Rosewood ~ 
Hard, fantastic tone &dark in colour when finished, Amazon rosewood makes an excellent substitute for Brazilian rosewood.
~ Black African Ebony ~
The traditional standard fingerboard material and good choice for any inlay work due to its blackness. 
All my fingerboards and headstocks are bound & mitered with the same wooden binding material as the rest of the instrument. With this binding is a decorative purfling the lines of which lead from the fingerboard into and around the headstock face.

~ Fingerboard face position markers are your choice of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm dots , or 4mm notched squares in Mother of Pearl or Paua
~ Other options are : 4mm Notched squares
                                : No markers
                                : Custom. An example of my custom work is the buckeye burl markers framed in mitered bwb's on the brazilian rosewood fingerboard below.