Lutherie Resources

Bridges ~
To promote maximum top vibration and minimise top dampening, I only choose the lightest possible weight rosewood, African blackwood or ebony for all my bridges. For the same reason, I use the smallest possible bridge footprint. 
A sculpted bridge, or a bridge with sapwood can also be used to great effect for a strong personal statement.

~ Sculpted belly bridge in Cocobolo ~
~ Pyramid bridges with white & ebony pins ~
~ Custom order 
Brazilian rosewood rectangle bridge with sapwood ~
~ Brazilian rectangle bridge
on sunburst top 
with herringbone purfling ~
~ Ukulele & Tenor Guitar
Custom Pin bridge with belly in Brazilian rosewood ~
~ Sculpted Art Nouveau belly bridge ~
~ Through bridge with custom pyramid wings ~
~ Ukulele Bridges ~

All ukulele bridges are rectangular with a small foot print.

Through Bridge- My modern and clean looking standard bridge.
Tie Bridge- Traditional ukulele bridge- similar to a classical guitar.
Pin bridge- with guitar like bridge pins.
~ Belly Bridge- Sized appropriately to each uke shape, guitar style belly.

~ Pyramid wings. Same dimensions with pyramid shaped wings.
~ Custom sculpting. Inquire and priced by design.
~ Wide saddle-  Each string is individually compensated for perfect intonation.
~ Guitar Bridges ~

All guitar bridges are pin bridges, with ebony, rosewood or snakewood pins & MOP dots.

~ Belly Bridge- My standard bridge shape for most guitars.
~ Rectangle- Traditional 6" x"1 rectangle.

~ Wide saddle- Each string is individually compensated for perfect intonation. (no charge)
~ ​Custom sculpting - eg Art Nouveau bridge below.
~ Pyramid- Martin style pyramid shaped wings.

~ Traditional Tie Bridge ~
~ Sculpted Cocobolo belly bridge ~
~  Rectangle Bridge in Ebony ~
~ My Standard (as of 2017) 
Ukulele String Through Bridge ~