Lutherie Resources

Binding & Purfling ~
Paua shell purfling
Curly maple binding with BWB purfling
Herringbone purfling with maple binding
Herringbone purfling with maple binding
Curly maple binding 
with Herringbone purfling and herringbone rosette.
Purflings ~
Purflings are the decorative strips of wood or shell between the bindings and the top, back, fingerboard, or headstock.
My standard purflings for everywhere are either BWB (Black/White/Black) or BW (Black/White) which produce a classic, sophisticated look reminiscent of those found on violins.
~ Other options are bold single line (W), fine multi line (BWBW) which is standard on my Selmer Maccaferri ukuleles, Herringbone, and coloured purfling.
~ Paua abalone shell (or any shell) can also be used as top purfling for a truly spectacular sparkle. 
~ Indian Rosewood binding with small half herringbone purfling ~
~ Curly maple binding 
with bwb back purfling on Tasmanian blackwood ~
Paua shell purfling with maple binding
Cocobolo binding with BWB purfling
Matching guitar and uke with paua shell purfling
Ebony binding on Oregon myrtle
~ Herringbone purfling, 
Maple binding 
on sunburst top ~
~ Matching segmented rosettes (and fingerboard initials) on guitar and ukulele ~
Bindings ~
An instrument's binding is the outer band of hardwood around the body, headstock and fingerboard. It's function is both protection of the delicate edges against bruising and decorative much like a beautiful frame is to a painting. I only use wooden bindings as plastic shrinks and decays over a short time.  
~ My standard binding choices are Ebony, Cocobolo, Curly Maple, Indian rosewood. Custom materials are always
 available such as snakewood, Brazilian rosewood and other exotics.
~ Cocobolo bindings with BWB purfling  on Tasmanian Blackwood sides & Redwood top~
Ebony binding and BWB purfling on bloodwood
~ Ebony bindings with BWB purfling on Bloodwood body ~
~ Paua shell purfling with maple bindings ~
~ Ebony binding, BW purfling on Oregon Myrtle ~